Helicopter transport of Cargo – Guidance

Here you will find important guidance on cargo load flights and helicopter transport . Important factors  for you as a customer made by by pilots. Whether you want to rent a helicopter in your business or if you are a private person and should lift cabin materials by air transport . What do you expect of the helicopter company and what do they expect of you that are going to pay or be involved in the mission ? it is something you must do in advance ? And at last , what can you demand and expect of the helicopter company that are flying the mission ? See information videos showing key elements of helicopter transport and cargo flight when renting helicopters.


Helicopter transport and cargo tranport under suspended loads, are among the most demanding missions for a helikopter pilot . There are many factors to be taken into account for a successful outcome , and safety is always in focus during such missions.

Helicopter types

For larger helicopter transport missions and cargo flight with an external load, an often used type of helicopter is the AS350 helicopter which lifts from 800kg to 1400 kg depending on model type and conditions on site . For lighter cargo load flights and helicopter transport missions, the helicopter type EC120 , with good carrying capacity is also used . This is a less expensive helicopter that is very affordable at missions of smaller extent and with total weights up to 500 kg . Larger helicopter  transport missions and cargo flights with an external load , the helicopter type AS350 is widely used. Lifting capacity from 800kg to 1400 kg depending on the model, type, weather conditions and altitude at site. For lighter load flights and helicopter transport missions, the type EC120 (Colibri) ,has lift capacity up to 500kg. This is a less expensive helicopter that is extremely affordable at missions of smaller extent and with total weights up to 500kg. By small cargo load flights and helicopter transport missions up to 300 kg and with total mass of less than three tonnes, there is the helicopter type Robinson 44. This is the most inexpensive helicopter for helicopter transport for transporting smaller objects. Especially if the ferry flight to and from the site is more than 30 min. each way.

 Conditions affecting lifting capacity are temperature, humidity, air density , altitude above mean sea level and wind conditions. For extra heavy lift helicopters in Norway there are helicopters that also allows for up 1800kg , 3000kg and 4500 kg . See table below.

Lift Capacity

Helicopter TypeLift Capacity
Robinson 44 300kg
EC120B 500kg
AS350 1400kg
Bell 2051800kg
Bell 2143000kg
AS332 Super Puma4500kg
Helicopter Transport Cargo Sling Flying Cargonet

Price for helicopter transport of cabin materials is directly related to the number of lift you need, where the materials should be picked up from ( meeting point ) , how far it is to fly to the meeting point from base and how far it is from the meeting point to where the materials will be hoisted down .

More about Helicopter Sling Load Operations and External load

Cargo – Transport and pilot skill level

External load and helicopter transport with external load, requiring different skills depending on the type of mission . From simple lifts of Glava insulation Packages to precision flying mounting masts and pillar sections. Our approved suppliers have expertise in load flights at all levels.

Ex . Helicopter transport and freight of topsoil, sand and pellets

Overflight of soil without precision delivery is among the easier tasks where complexity and competence is lower than many other helicopter transport missions. Good prices can be achieved where both soil and transport is included.

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