Rolex Serial number 4137495

Check for the Rolex 4137495 serial number on your Big Red.  It may be stolen – Or may be you know the watch whereabouts.  Dont hesitate to contact us anonymously at get the reward.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona –  Serial number 4137495 is stolen.  Finders fee ; 10.000€

The Rolex 6263 Cosmograph Navigation manufactured in the late 1970’s. Also called Big Red.  Comes in many variants.  Do you know anything about this object ?  Hurry and get the 10.000$

Rolex 4137495 - Daytona Cosmograph stolen - reward 10.000$

Send email to or report to

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona type 6263 is also called the Big Red.  This watch has had one owner since new. I have all ownership papers and guarantee certificate, Service history, booklets , original box etc.

For a illegitimate new holder this kind  stolen watch will always be discovered sooner or later.   The risk of not getting compensation when returned to its owner is quite high.    Make contact at get 10.000$ instead.

Rolex 4137495 Cosmograph Daytona stolen - Reward 10.000$ paid by owner.

The serial number is unique for all Rolex watches.   It can be found in the case where the bracelet is connected to the watch.  This watch is registered all over the world and if discovered the owner will be notified.  Immediate payment of 10.000$ to the finder is paid.  Do you know anything about this watch ?  Please contact us

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Rolex 4137495
Reward 10.000$

Are you the current holder og this watch ?   Its’s impossible to sell.  I pay you 10.000$ for the return. Cash on delivery.  The resale value  of a stolen Rolex is very limited. The serial number 4137495 is registered all over the watch world and all Rolex service centers.  As soon as its seen by a pawnshop or repair shop . a dealer or service center, it will  reported and the watch confiscated and  reunited  with its owner. As stolen merchandise the holder will get no compensation.

However – I pay 10.000$ for the return – no questions asked.

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Rolex Cosmograph Daytona  6263
Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 6263
Rolex Daytona stolen in 2020 Serial number 4137495 . Owner pay 10.000$ reward to the one who can find the whereabouts of this watch.