Helicopter Safety – Customer Guidance for those who want to rent helicopters in Norway .

Here you will find important information about helicopter safety, the use of helicopter services . Important factors for you as a customer mediated by pilots. Whether you want to rent a helicopter in your business or if you are a private person and just to have a little flight in the air . What do you expect of the helicopter company, and what do they expect of you who is going to pay or be involved in the mission ? it is something you must do in advance ? And not least , what can you demand and expect of the helicopter company who is flying the mission ? See information videos that show important elements about helicopter safety when renting helicopters.

A Guide To Helicopter Safety.
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Helicopter Safety Guide
Helicopter Safety Guide
Helicopter is a great tool for the transport of passengers and lift off the cabin materials. Here you will find important and useful information on preparation, safety and much else that can do the mission flawless for you