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There are many factors in the purchase or rental of helicopter services that you as a customer should know. Below we will give you some useful information about subjects helicopter services, which you should think about if you have plans to use helicopter services. Order, cancellation, weather modification, landing fees, attendance, landing permits, luggage, hourly rate, security, insurance, tax, helicopter type,  withdrawal etc. Remember when paying by credit card, a fee of 3.4% may be  added. When you order or send a request for a helicopter rental, you also accepts, confirms and acknowledge in writing the HeliWing conditions set herein. In case of disagreement on the interpretation of the terms, these general conditions has the highest overall superiority, and overrides any other regulation. Heliwing assumes you have read our Terms and Conditions, and the individual factors when planning or when checking prices for helicopter services:

We can arrange Heliskiing tours in many contries

Transport Conditions

Heliwing is  an independent commercial actor, and  a free portal for specialist advice  and flights bookings .. Terms and conditions below are part of any commercial transaction with Heliwing.


Order helicopter anytime of day! You may want to book by telephone, but we must have it confirmed in writing by e-mail, or letter. Our e-mail is info@heliwing.no. The order must contain the desired departure location, destination, date and time and the name, mobile no. And address of the person paying for the trip. You are personally responsible and liable for payment. If you order on behalf of others, eg. company or organization, you are also personally jointly and individually liable for payment unless otherwise stated in writing from another payment responsible. Read more: Booking


If you only want to make a non-binding reservation? You may want to book as a reservation without written confirmation. In this case we accept your order, but without guarantee. That is to say that if it comes to other bookings for the same period and as confirmed in writing, these prevail. However, if you  confirm your reservation in writing. Then comes your reservation first. For Sling load operations, separate terms apply. Read more : Reservation


You can pay in many ways! Do you represent a company or an organization, we can send bill / invoice with 10 days credit. Are you a private person, we request credit card. Payment by Credit Card or PayPal (4.5% fee is applicable and added) Only exceptionally cash payment is accepted.   A non-refundable amount of the total sum is  applied at time of booking. The amount ranges from 10-20% of the total incl. vat tax, and is not refundable for any reason what so ever. Complete payments are due and to  registered in our account min. 2 working days before flight

Read More: Payment

Cancellations or Changes

Cancellation or reduction of original booking must be in writing. This is free of charge until 30 days before the agreed tour, provided it is not done agreement else. If canceled or modified by telephone, it is considered valid when confirmed by customer by email. Customer has the burden of proof that cancellation or amendment has taken place. Have you ordered a mission, you can cancel or change booking until four weeks before. After this date a fee equivalent to 25% of the assignment turnover including VAT is due. When a cancellation is sevendays or less before the flight, the full payment is due. No-Show of booked and confirmed flights without being able to produce documentation of the cancellation,  payment of the full amount is due plus VAT. Failure to pay within due dates is regarded as a no-show cancellation.  Moving the booking to another date, requires the same fee unless rescheduled by Heliwing.  If a landing site does not conform to the requirements , the booking is cancelled according to no-show  Read more: Cancellations and changes

Weather and technical conditions

Helicopter is a very versatile tool, but the forces of nature isn’t to decide over. Every mission is associated with weather modifications and subject to deferred flight for technical reasons. It can be issues like icing in the air, low clouds, high winds or poor visibility to fulfill the assignment. By cancellations of not yet commenced flights due to weather or technical conditions, the tour of flight mission is scheduled by first possible opportunity when the weather permits. If not suitable,  new time for customer is issued. A document confirming a validity of payment for a similar Tour  or flight is issued. Validity is 12 months.  It is the pilot who decides if flying is within safe weather conditions.   Not the customer. This is regardsless of type of mission.   Read more: Weather and Techical conditions

Weight of passengers and baggage

It is important for us to emphasize that it is customer’s responsibility to in writing disclose passengers names, baggage size and weight in advance. Both we and our collaborations, companies use various types of helicopters to adapt the mission for the best possible price for you. Then it is important to have all the information which may affect weight image. Read more: Weight of passengers and baggage


General helicopter prices are listed in a separate link on the main page, and is specified in NOK per hour from we start the engine until it stops after flying (rotor time). Waiting and landing fees are additional. We can also offer fixed rates for air services. See also “prices”. For all types of fixed-price offer, those under the condition that the weather permits flying in direct straight line to the destination and back. Waiting and landingfees in addition to flying rates apply. By aborted flight due to weather conditions, transport of passengers may be with alternatives transport to destination without extra charge if possible. In other respects. Compensations is not granted.  For sling operations relocation cost is per relocation. Ground crew cost is per person per day, and slings are per liftoff and obstacle free direct track between departure place and delivery place. The weight of each slingload must not exceed the capacity limitations of the helicopter as informed by Heliwing.

Read more: Prices


Aviation is very well regulated. Helicopter Company, pilots and CAA are working closely together to ensure that rules are followed. Helicopter is one incredibly flexible and technically advanced machine that can land anywhere. In order to land one must have the landowner’s written permission. Permit from user or tenant is not sufficient.  It is the responsibility of the customer to obtain the permission from landowner. The helicopter operator has the  responsibility to evaluate  if the landing sport is operational acceptable.  Like landing on a municipal sports field, it is not sufficient to obtain the sports club permission unless they also own the ground. In outlying areas, the landowner’s permission is not adequate. The municipality shall issue separate permit in addituion. If landing in places with greater people accumulations, the  police permission alsio required. Read more her: Permits

Insurance – Safety

Passengers and baggage is insured for NOK 10,000,000 , – . The helicopters are also insured. For flights with Sling load, the insured is under current provisions when the load is in the air. Before load is connected on the load line and after it is disconnected load line , it is the responsibility of the customer. For damage to in these circumstances it is the customer’s responsibility . Excluding is damage to fixed surroundings caused by the helicopter downwash when this is a result of helicopter operations. Terms are however that all regulations of the Authority and that all permits are in place . Aircraft and pilot are subject to strict control by the Authority. Flight safety is an overarching condition of our business. Read more: FInsurance – Safety

Flying at Night or in Darknes

For passenger flights in dark or night , requires helicopter with two engines. This is substantially more expensive and should be taken into account when costs should be calculated. The provision imposes these conditions when the sun is more than 6 degrees below the horizon . In practice , this means ca. 40 minutes after the sun has gone down. Read more: Flying at night or in darkness

Banner and promotional billboards

Banner and promotional sails and banner advertising missions, consists of two separate cost elements:
1. Production of the banner / sail and shipment to departure point.
2. Flying the sail
The service is weather dependent. If the weather is too bad to fly, the mission must be moved to another day. It is the pilot alone that determines whether the weather is sufficient to fly the mission. If within the limitations , tbe flight takes place according the client order. The mission must be in accordance with provisions of the aviation authority for banner og billboard flying.

The route must be such that the tow can be released during any phase of the flight without the risk of damage to people and property on the ground. Operational management at the operator alone determines whether a route satisfies these requirements.Production is carried out by an external supplier. Ordered banner/sail/billboards that is put into production or manufactured can not be canceled. Paid sail/banner is not refundable. Banner and sail are manufactured according to Customer specifications to the extent that is possibel. In case of deviation, sail / banner is produced, with the same content in the most appropriate way, so that the message becomes the same. Heliwing is not responsible for incorrect deliveries or delays beyond their control or impact.

Taking pictures from helicopter

It is forbidden to take aerial photographs or aerial images without permission from the authorities. This is called photo license and can be obtained from the National Security Authority, NSM. It’s a simple matter of getting permission to individual missions limited in time and scope. This can be obtained both by phone and email . Exempt from this requirement , are the passengers in scheduled charter or taxi traffic . Otherwise, it is forbidden to take pictures without this. A general license must be applied for . This takes 3-6 weeks. See also link to NSM pages about photo license:  Photo License Read more: Pictures from the air

Prices for volume flights and day hire

Transport assignment of groups of 10 people and upwards or disposal of a helicopter full day.
To have available and be able to dispose of a helicopter all day, a fixed price is paid which includes up to 3 hours of flying. If it is flown for more than 3 hours, a proportional minute price is added for what exceeds the included fixed price. If less than the three included hours are flown, this does not change the fixed price.
For transport assignments of larger groups, a fixed price applies for up to a desired number of passengers. The price is fixed regardless of the number of passengers who actually fly within the number in the offer. The number of aircraft that are actually used is calculated based on distance and the actual number of passengers. All group transfers within a 100 km radius must be able to be carried out within 1 clock hour.

 Read more: Pricing larger groups

Gift Certificates Conditions

A gift certificate purchased and paid for at the web site www.helikopter.flights  through a link from Heliwing.no, are the responsibility of Heliticket AS. HeliWing has no part in the transaction and has no obligations thereof.  For other Gift Certificates read more: Gift Certificates Conditions

Interrupted/Cancelled Flights

If a flight is canceled or interupted due to technical , weather related,  security, force majeur or other reasons that do not make it possible to complete the mission , for taxi flights HeliWing has the right to transport customers to the place that was the intention that the customer was going on alternative means of transport as far it is possible. HeliWing decide alone what way that is appropriate. For sling load , sightgseing, inspections, phote/film flights, a new date is scheduled as soon as possible.  Customer is responsible for paying the agreed price for the entire mission as if it had gone normally. For taxi flights,if  there are no alternatives of transport, the customer is  credited the proportionate reduction in estimated total flying time. Read more: Interupted or cancelled flights

Helicopter sightseeing tours

Our suggested helicopter sightseeing tours are fixed, but the route and duration may vary. The duration is approximate and can vary both due to wind conditions, low visibility or cloud base. Please note that in certain areas flying below 1000 feet is prohibited. This is typically above congested areas, cities and national parks. If safety demands it during flight, individual points on the tour may be omitted. If a flight is abrupted after departure by conditions beyond the control of the helicopter company, there is no refund or compensation. 10% booking fee is due at the time of the booking request being sent to operators. Payment for the flight is less the booking fee and must be registered before flight.  Booking requests or confirmed tours can be rescheduled to another date and time by the Heliwing due to technical or weather related issues. There is no refund on booked or rescheduled tours. Departure location is subject to permit from the airport or land owner and may be relocated to nearest location if required.  Type of  helicopter allocated  has number of seats equal to minimum the number of passengers.   If no helicopter company has availability on the requested date and time, or there are not enough passengers booked to  fill all seats in the helicopter, or technical or weather situations makes the planed time impossible, the user must set a new date and time at no extra fee to be paid. Booking fee is not refundable. .   All confirmations on booking requests are logged by IP address and sent to the email of the user.

Waiting time on Ground

Helicopter is a very expensive transport means and is dependent on being in the air as much as possible when the weather permits. That means if you are going to hire a helicopter to a place, and the helicopter waits for a while and then fly back or forward , you must expect wait time charge. The same applies if you are delayed for a confirmed flight and the helicopter has to wait for you.
Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing the charge is equivalent to the same general hourly rate as for flying  for the type of helicopter. Waiting time is calculated as 1 hour for each hour started.
Read more: Waiting time on Ground

Photo flights

For commercial photoflights  passengers are not allowed in open door configurations.  The photographer must use Photo-harness.   Heliwing reserves the right to use photoes as promotional referance material or other purposes on their own website heliwing.no

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