Helicopter Rental – Standard Hourly Rates

Standard rates for helicopter hire as most operators use , is based on an HOURLY RATE in the air. This is not always the guideline for total cost of helicopter rental. Weather conditions can vary widely. This affects the total price . Please ask for offers from the market, but also check with us for prices on helicopter hire . Fixed price can also be agreed . Wind and weather can not be controlled , but it’s part of our expertise to make the economic calculations that over time both give you as a customer and us as a company a solution to helicopter charter that pays off .


How is it based ?

Technical time

The helicopter’s actual airborne flying time . Insurance , life of the helicopter’s vital parts and intervals for inspection is calculated from this. These are the main operating expenses . Technical time is the time airborne and actually the time the helicopter is working for you.

Rotor time

This is, in short technical time + time the rotor is in motion when the helicopter is on the ground . A landing with stopping and starting again, will incur additional in time ranging from 2-3 minutes to 10-12 minutes. This time is thus higher than technical time, and will cost you more.

Customer Time

This is Technical time + Rotor Time + a premium in time after the rotor has stopped. Customer Time varies from company to company and from mission to mission . Like flying Skydivers or Heliskiing have a large difference between the actual flight time and billable time ( technical time vs customer time )