Advertising by helicopter can be an incredibly effective way to convey your message across. Do you have a website with your products, you’ll see results in increase of the number that has been visiting the product pages. We produce advertising text banner for helicopter at a minimal cost. Flying advertising, advertising banner , banner flying, advertising tow , advertising sails etc., are all very effective marketing tatics in connection with large crowds. The advantage is that the effect is fast and you see immediate results.

Advertising towed from the helicopter can advantageously be used both as part of a campaign or as a stand-alone advertising . We have documented examples of web visits to advertisers has increased by 300 % after advertising towed from a helicopter. Helicopter text banner towing can take up to 40 characters including spaces. The advantage is that the helicopter can fly both lower and slower than airplanes . Exposure becomes clearer and longer by helicopter than any other medium for mobile advertising .

Helicopter Advertising in Norway Banner Towing

Can you fly anywhere with advertizing banner ?

The route for towing of advertizing banner is limited. Flying directly over city and congested areas are prohibited. Flight path must follow a route that makes it possible to drop advertising tow anytime without danger of hitting people and animals, buildings or property that could be damaged .

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Advertize from helicopter - banner
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Display your message in the sky ! Suberp and next to none in exposure. Helicopter banner towing very good value for money