What does it cost to transport building materials by helicopter

Choose a FIXED rate for the job – No Surprises !

Or – Take the chance and go for hourly rate on consumed time

How many hours does the job take ?  See what may affect time consumed to fly the assignment.

  • Distance from the helicopter base to the mission location
  • Distance between where materials is for pickup and delibery place
  • What exactly does the load consist of
  • How does the landing site at the pickup location look like
  • Weather conditions on the day
  • Height difference between pick-up location and delivery
  • Open water between the pick-up location and delivery
  • Requirements for precision delivery of cargo
  • Pilot experience level
  • Ground Crew experience level
  • Emphasis on individual item weight vs helicopter capacity

Time is money – Each and every one of these cost elements are affecting the time it takes for the helicopter to perform the mission.

Prices of helicopter transportation of building materials may be given as a combination of hourly rate alone , or hourly rate for cargo flight plus a fixed amount for the ferry flight to the pickup location. Is there a mission of 8-10 lift or more, fixed rate is  frequently offered for flying to and from the pickup place. However, the major part of the cost associated with the flight is anyway the hourly rate you pay for the of the helicopter when flying the cargo. Helicopters have different lifting capacity and prices.

Price per hour and Lift Capacity

Lift capacity and price range. Small operations 2-4 lifts, has a higher rate than large jobs over many hours and may days
Lift CapacityIn NorwayPrice per hour in NOK excl. tax
300kg No6.300 - 9.000
400kgNo7.000 - 9.000
500kgYes8.000 - 13.000
800kgYes9.000 - 14.000
1000kgYes9.000 - 14.000
1100kgYes12.000 - 15.500
1350kgYes15.500 - 18.000
1800kgYes15.000 - 25.000
3000kgNo35.000 - 45.000
4500kgYes65.000 - 100.000

How do the helicopter companies register the TIME consumption of the helicopter when flying your buiding materials

Technical time

The helicopter’s actual airborne flying time . Insurance , life of the helicopter’s vital parts and intervals for inspection is calculated from this. These are the main operating expenses . Technical time is the time airborne and actually the time the helicopter is working for you.

Rotor time

This is, in short technical time + time the rotor is in motion when the helicopter is on the ground . A landing with stopping and starting again, will incur additional in time ranging from 2-3 minutes to 10-12 minutes. This time is thus higher than technical time, and will cost you more.

Customer Time

This is Technical time + Rotor Time + a premium in time after the rotor has stopped. Customer Time varies from company to company and from mission to mission . Like flying Skydivers or Heliskiing have a large difference between the actual flight time and billable time ( technical time vs customer time )

Helicopter charter and services
Pricing of helicopter cargo sling operations
Type of helicopter service
Pricing of helicopter cargo sling operations
Company name
Use online price calculator. Enter pickup location, then delivery point. Finally number of lift than think its going to be.