Tandem Skydive From Helicopter – an experience of a LIFETIME

Tandem Fallskjermsenter has been using HeliWing helicopter services from they started in 2005 until 2012 when they moved skydive center from Oslo area to Larvik, Sande and Arendal. They are the only ones in Norway licensed by the CAA to commercial operation of the tandem skydive as an adventure activity from helicopters. HeliWing arrange helicopter transport and taxi from elsewhere in Norway for those who want to try tandem skydive from a helicopter.

Bachelor Parties

For bachelor parties or others who just want a tandem skydiving experience and not an introduction to the sport? and for a specific occasion or day? Then Tandem Fallskjermsenter is the only legal option in Norway. If you buy gift certificates for tandem skydives from Tandem Fallskjermsenter, you are free to when you want to use it. Gift certificates or purchase of tandem skydive from parachute clubs, are permitted only in conjunction with an introduction to the sport and requires that the person who will jump, must have established contact with the team in advance. Then the bit of surprise gone!

Concessionable business

Tandem Fallskjermsenter is the only company in Norway that has the CAA authorized to offer / perform Tandem skydive against payment as a commercial service. HeliWing believes that if this is offered by payment or compensation in Norway other than Tandem Fallskjermsenter should contact the CAA for clarification. Selecting Tandem skydive from Tandem Fallskjermsenter , you are sure that all formalities are in order. As the only authorized commercial provider of tandem skydiving, one unlike others subject to the strictest procedures and security. In civil aviation authority this is called Commercial Security System. Are you however interested in skydiving as a sport, you can take tandem skydive with a club. But then it’s as part of or introduction to a course. Clubs have a non commercial security system.

Tandem Skydive from Helicopter in Norway

Getting out in 10.000 feet over the Oslofjord.  Photo : Terje Løchen

Tandem skydive As a Gift or A Surprice

Tandem skydive from helicopters, are becoming very popular . Give a Tandem Skydive as a Gift is a perfect Idea. A memory for life to a close friend , Birthdays , Weddings, Company “kick off” . Or Simply give a Tandem Skydive to mark a special day . This is a unique opportunity for a ” adrenaline rush” in a controlled environment . Safely strapped to a Experienced and specially trained parachute instructor , and Without the Tandem Skydive beeing an introduction to the sport or a course.

Useful information about Tandem Skydive from Helicopter in Norway

Here two Tandem Skydivers are landing with Tandem Fallskjermsenter . Trøgstad in Østfold, Norway

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Tandem Skydive from Helicopter in Norway Getting Ready
Tandem Skydive in Norway Soon Take Off
Tandem Skydive in Norway Master Instructor Entering
Tandem Skydive in Norway - first time Excited Passenger
Tandem Skydive in Norway - At arrival on site
Tandem Skydive in Norway Instructors Briefing passengers
Tandem Skydivers in AS355 Twin Engine Helicopter in Norway

More on Tandem Skydive

Upon arriving at the Tandem Jump

By Arrivals guests are received by their tandem instructor and being informed about what a tandem skydive is about. After a brief orientation with an instructor on the ground has now been brought a  jump suit and parachute harness.

Tandem Jump in the air

When you leave the helicopter, you freefall for 30 seconds at a speed of 200 km / h . Parachute opens at a height of 5,000 feet above the ground, and you can just enjoy the view on rest of the tour.

Who can participate?

Anyone with normal health can participate in tandem skydive . Age , height, physical condition and weight plays a role. Here are the specific requirements we set.

What is the cost for tandem skydive ?

The price of a tandem skydive without video can be found on Tandemhopp.no . More information about what else is included is also to be found there.

Tandem Skydive booking

Need information or would like to book  a tandem skydive , Click the button,  send your booking or ask a question to Tandemhopp Fallskjermsenter

Tandem Skydive – weather requirements

There are strict security requirements by tandem jumping. The weather must be nice . Rules apply to both the ceiling and wind.



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The only legal commercial Tandem skydive from helicopter entity in Norway. Try the free fall from 10.000 ft in 30 seconds. From April to October