Helicopter transport of building material

External load with helicopters and transport of summer cabin materials , furnishings and accessories for homes without road access, is increasingly becoming a field of activity for the helicopter . Transport by helicopter , is also kinder to nature and significantly faster than any alternative transport. Our partnerships approved operators have equipment and experience with load flights for both heavy complex lifting and lighter load assignments. For smaller load operations up to 2-3 tons total weight, it is often cheaper to use smaller helicopter when ferry flights to and from operation area otherwise would constitute a disproportionate share of the cost.

A smaller helicopter may take longer , but could be cheaper in connection with helicopter transport with external load . Include us in the the planning phase to optimize the cost of your transport.

There are many factors to take into consideration that collectively can have a major impact on the total price . External load has many unexpected elements that may affect the overall result. Below are items that illustrate some areas it pays to use professionals in the field of helicopter transportation of building materials . As  how strap the cargo for flights.

Helicopter Transport Cargo Sling Flying Cargonet
Helicopter Transport Cargonet for Sling Operations
Helicopter Sling Operations with AS350B1 from Eurocopter
Helicopter Cargo Transport Sling with Longline

Price – Fixed or Hourly rate  ?

Carefully consider whether you want fixed or hourly rate of your helicopter transport of building materials. Especially if the helicoptercompany indicates the number of tons they can fly per hour, and how many minutes each round takes . Unless you can get a written confirmation that this applies exactly your mission , consider our fixed-price solution for load flights of building materials . You pay the price agreed – no add ons afterwards.

Factors affecting the time in helicopter external load flights

Calculate FIXED PRICE on External load

  • Type load to be lifted
  • TakeOff and Approach axis
  •  Altitude Differences between Landingsplace and delivery point
  • Pilot Experience
  • Demands for precision delivery
  • Weather Conditions
  • Obstacles in landingsite perimeter
  • Strapping is Professonally done

Worth knowing about flying cargo by helicopter !

Helicopter Sling Load – Weight

Sling Operations – Helicopter transport of building material. The different types of helicopter used in the cargo aviation and helicopter transport , have different max. lifting capacity at standard conditions . It is very important to plan loads to to exceed these , as this may cause a lot of time on reloading .

Helicopter Sling Load  – Strapping

In load flights we use cargo straps when lifting the load for helicopter transport. These “locks” and secures the cargo during transportation. For the ” lock ” to work load must be prepared for and organized in order to make lock concept work .

Helicopter Cargo Load – Landing site

It is often tempting for helicopter transport to exploit the helicopter’s maximum carrying capacity when calculating the costs of operation. However, often lighter still can provide a lower total cost. Loading and unloading site can be of great importance for the cost of the cargo flights in this context .

Money to save on Sharing Ferry Flight with others

Fra mai til oktober er det hovedsesong for helikopter transport av hyttematerialer.   Ofte er det flere oppdrag i samme region.  Ved samkjøring av flere oppdrag samme dag, kan det det våre mye å spare på å gå sammen om oppmøte.

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Helicopter Cargo and Sling Operaion in Norway
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