Powerline inspections from Helicopter is accurate , quick and safe

Robinson 44 helicopters are used for powerline inspection in more and more areas in many countries. These are highly reliable machines with low operating costs, yet versatile and fast as larger and more expensive machines. They are therefore well suited to a variety of tasks in line inspection and does not require heavy-lift capability for under suspended loads. Helicopters of this type does not replace heavy and expensive helicopters, but is rather a complement. It’s economy in light helicopters to facilitate the mission.

Pilots in operators we use puts safety first and have long experience in line inspection on the helicopter type. They are a responsible workforce where understanding of customer needs is central to the performance of the contract. Particularly suitable are R44 helicopters for line inspection and services related to this as:

• Visual line inspection and line inspection
• Entry and departure of personnel and equipment
• Digital stills

By line inspection of hard to reach places can transport of lighter equipment with helicopters be the best and cheapest way. An R44 can lift up to 300 kg under suspended loads. Aggregates, tools, assembly of smaller antennas, spare parts etc.   All assignments are carried out by authorized operators who have all the permits from the Civil Aviation Authorities.

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Powerline inspections by helicopter
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Quick accurate and safe by helicopter. Affordable prices on low price R44 . Good space for observer and registrator. Visual og IR inspections