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Anyone can rent a helicopter and the price for helicopter services is largely dependent on how many people will sit on or how heavy the cargo lifts are. Price on helicopter rentals are also depending on the flight time , or how long you will want to hire helicopter. Remember that the price of transport by helicopter can also be calculated from the time the engine starts and takes off from where the helicopter has garage , and until it is back again and the rotor has stopped. Larger missions often have lower hourly rate than short missions. There are also different rates relative to where in the country the mission is . See price list for in what price range the different types of helicopters are placed . Price on YOUR mission , you will find with our Flight Generator .

To get the most for your money when renting a helicopter , it is best to depart form the helicopter base and return the same place . How many passenger seats in the various helicopters , as well as price range they cost to rent can be found in the above table below. All flights booked through HeliWing ,are  carried out by operators approved by the CAA . See details about the lifting capacity and the number of passenger seats on commercial helicopter rental in Norway .

The PRICELIST rate for the hourly price for Helicopter rental in the price list table shows a range of hourly rate per hour consumed time. Rates are based on the helicopter type. Hence, price for number of passengers less than seats available from helicopter base in question, will be the same as for full occupancy. Remember that time can be calculated in different ways depending on the operator . Time is counted from start-up helicopter base and back. For Oslo area this is  Ski Airport , Gardermoen or Kjeller Airport. All prices are inclusive 8% VAT  for passenger transport and 25% for other .


( Check it out before you decide to go for Fixed Price or  Hourly rate )

Helicopter  Cargo and Sling Operations

Factors having impact on time consumed

  • Distance between helicopter base and pick up of i tems
  • Distance between items and delivery place
  • Altitude differences between Pickup and Delivery place
  • Correctly assembled packed items in correct weigh to the helicopter
  • Number of lifts / Rounds nessesary
  • Correct helicopter type according to total volum
  • Pilot and  ground crew skills and experience
  • Landing site environment

Remember for every packet that is too heavily packed , it must be divided into smaller parts. Costly extra expense

Helicopter Passenger Transport

Factors having impact on Time consumed 

  • Helicopter Start-up 2-6 minutes
  • Climb to cruise altitude – 2-6 minutes
  • Ground Speed in cruise altitude
  • Diversions from  direct track route if weather demands
  • Number of passengers
  • Headwind
  • Descend for landing including high/low reconnaissance -5 min
  • Stop of helikopter 2-6 min

Remember for every landing and take-off apply extra time to be charged at the at the hourly rate

How much does it cost to hire or rent a Helicopter

Things to consider when hiring or renting helicopter

Standard rates for helicopter rentals that most operators use , is based on an hourly rate in the air . This is not always the guideline for total price of the transport when both route to destination and weather conditions can vary widely. This can affects the total and final price widely. Please ask for offers from the market, but also check with us for the fixed price of helicopter transport . Fixed price can be agreed and obtained form our Flight Generator. Wind and weather can not be agreed upon or controlled. However,  it’s part of our expertise to make the economically calculations that over time both give you as a customer and us as a company a solution to rent a helicopter that pays off .

Fixed Price quotes on helicopter charter

Fixed price is based on Helicopter hire from the helicopter base and to the destination. Helicopter companies charge for the time machine is the air from the start until they stop. By fixed price is therefore including returning to the starting point . Furthermore, that the weather allow direct route . See also the tab ” Terms ” . The operators offers several helikoptypers with varying seating capacity. You get quoted price each way , remember that you are responsible for payment in both directions even if you get off at your destination . If however, you get paying passengers on return flight, a discount may be possible.

How much does it cost to fly to your destination ?

To give you a quick feedback as possible about what it costs to fly helicopter to exact where you’re going , you need to have some information ready. Then you can get a quote on the price for helicopter transport in under one minute through our Flight Generator. It provides on-line price quotes on helicopter taxi , sightseeing , cargo transportation and shipping of cabin materials and more. You save plenty of time by also reahcing out to all relevant operators by just a few keystrokes if you decide to send a booking request . Remember additional landings and stops on the way, has extra cost. Waiting time on the ground, may have a cost depending on the operator. Also check the LowFare calendar for empty seats on returnflights  .

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