Helicopter Tours and Sightseeing ALL over Norway

Helicopter Tours suggested all over Norway. Major attractions are covered form the air. Mountains, Waterfalls, Fjords, Glaciers, Deep Valleys and canyons and a coastline with a myriad of small and large islands.

  • Helicopter Mo i Rana
  • Helicopter Bodø
  • Helicopter Harstad
  • Helicopter Tromsø
  • Helicopter Alta

Helicopter Tours and Sighseeing NORWAY
Several tour suggestions on each location. See details on all below, or click city above.

Range of suggested helicopter sightseeing Tours in Norway. Click tour name to read more
Tour nameTimeTour#LocationSeats capacity
Tusenfryd, Drøbak and Oscarsborg fortress20min011Oslo3, 4, 5, 6
Oslo city highlights, inner fjord and recreational areas35min012Oslo3, 4, 5, 6
Heroes of Telemark Tour - See the sights from above120min013Oslo3, 4, 5, 6
Norway Fjords, Glaciers, Waterfalls and Urban Areas240min014Oslo3, 4, 5, 6
City highlights and suburbs35min015Oslo3, 4, 5
Destination Villa Malla (includes City and inner fjord)60min016Oslo3, 4, 5, 6
Want to try flyng yourself Pilot School lesson60min017Oslo1
Fjords and cities tour30min071Sandefjord3, 5
Arendal, "the Capital of Sørlandet"40min091Arendal5
City, Lillesand and the Coastline30min092Kristiansand3, 5
Hardangervidda - Largest mountain Plateau in Europe60min093Hovden3, 5
Hardangervidda and Heroes of Telemark40min095Hovden3, 5
City, Pulpit Rock, Lysefjord and Kjerag60min111Stavanger3, 4, 5
The City, Coastline and Beaches of Jæren45min112Stavanger3, 4, 5
Pulpit Rock helicopter Express35min113Stavanger3, 4, 5
Trolltunga, Hardangerfjord, Vøringsfossen waterfall and Star Wars planet "Hoth"60min106Kinsarvik5
Voss and the montains in area30min104Voss5
Voss, Flåm and Sognefjord60min103Voss5
City and surrounding fjords and islands40min101 Bergen5
City, Hardangerfjord, Glaciers and Trolltunga 90min102Bergen5
Aalesund and Runde Island40min141Ålesund5
Aalesund, the Sunnmøre Alps and Trollveggen wall90min142Ålesund5
City and Trondheimsfjord30min151Trondheim5
Trondheimsfjord, Levanger, Verdal and Steinkjer40min161Verdal3, 5
The Untouched Wilderness - Skjækerfjella50min162Verdal3, 5
City, Vefsnfjorden and surrounding areas30min175Mosjøen4. 5
Local flight of Mo i Rana and Ransfjorden30min173Mo i Rana5
Saltfjellet, Svartisen Glacier and lakes60min174Mo i Rana5
City, Saltstraumen and fjords30min171Bodø4, 5
Svartisen Glacier & Coastal Archipelago90min172Bodø4, 5
City and the surrounding area in Vesterålen30min183Harstad5
Lofoten archipelago90min184Harstad2, 5
City and Tromsøy island20min181Tromsø3
Tromsø city and The Lyngen Alps National Park90min182Tromsø3
Alta river, Sautso Canyon and Masi30min191Alta4, 5
North Cape and fjords in Finnmark120min192Alta4, 5

Not enough passengers to fill all seats in the helicopter ?

No Problem, You can buy Gift certificate on the tour from one-1 person an up.  Then you fly with other passengers that have the same certificate.

  • Helicopter Stryn / Geiranger
  • Helicopter Ålesund
  • Helicopter Trondheim
  • Helicopter Verdal
  • Helicopter Mosjøen
  • Helicopter Mo i Rana
  • Helicopter Bodø
  • Helicopter Harstad
  • Helicopter Tromsø
  • Helicopter Alta
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Helicopter Flights and tours all over Norway
Helicopter Flights and tours all over Norway
Helicopter flights and sightseeing all over Norway. Depending on location seat capacities from 3 to 6 people