Permit to land required from land owner

Aviation is very well regulated trade . Helicopter Companies, pilots and CAA are working closely together to ensure that rules are followed. Helicopter is one incredibly flexible and technically advanced machine that can land almost anywhere. In order to land one must have the landowner’s written permission. Heliwing can evaluate the requested landingsite if landing is possible.  However the permission must be applied for and obtained by the client himself. Alternatively, may Heliwing also assist in filing the applicationm for permit against a fee of NOK 5.000,- excl vat. Please note that we can not take responsibility or guarantee that the application is granted. It is not sufficient with user or tenant’s permission . Example : Upon landing outside airports on  a municipal sports field, it  is not sufficient to obtain the permit to land from the sports club unless they also own the land  in their own name. In outlying areas is not enough to have the landowner’s permission.  In this case the municipality shall also must permit to land in writing . In areas where large groups of people are gathered near the landing site, police permission also is required.

Special Permits to operate inside restricted airspace

Certain airspace  are specifically restricted with regards to common flying. You may get a permission if your flight fall in under the exceptions listed.   An application must be sent in which we charge €785.  The fee is not refundable.