Helicopter Charter from Oslo Norway Ullevål Stadium

Helicopter charter and Taxi when time is Crucial

Helicopter Taxi and Rental to all destinations in Norway and Scandinavia. Business meetings,  rush jobs , Events, Anniversaries or celebrations – We are at your service . Helicopter Taxi may not become so expensive either. In our system there may be have other passengers not in a hurry, but is on ” stand by” for a vacant seat helicopter taxi to wherever you may go ! Or maybe you want to surprise a friend with a flight to the summer home or winter cabin by helicopter taxi . Only imagination sets the limits ! Send us a request or try our free online quote calculator for taxi flights. We can arrange Good SOLUTIONS from A to B in Helicopter taxi. The operators all have AOC – Air Operator Certificate. Never accept a helicopter Taxi without. This is important for you as a passenger.

How much does it cost to hire or charter a helicopter taxi in Norway

What you need to calculate helicopter taxi price:

  • Where exactly do you want to be picked up by the helicopter

  • Where do you want to fly to by helicopter

  • How many passengers in the helicopter

  • One way or round trip in helicopter

What you need to send a helicopter taxi request

  • Register on www.helikopter.flights

  • Enter date and time for the helicopter flight

  • Enter name of passengers and baggage volum

  • Pay 10% med VISA, Mastercard eller PayPal


VIP helicopter transport

Or maybe you have an important business associate or artist to a conference who are unable to lengthy time consuming transport in their daily lives . Imagination is the limit ! Contact us, we can arrange good solutions from A to Z  by Helicopter taxi.

Helicopter Taxi in many contexts

Helicopter transport and taxi can also be rented for sightseeing tours, as a prize trip , as transport for people who are unfit for other transport long options. Or simply to experience the feeling of flying from A to B in the air. There is no queuing or traffic jam in the air!

Authorized helicopter operators  and Taxi transport

All aircraft used for helicopter taxi are through licensed operators. In addition to operating permit also has license for transportation of passengers and freight . This is important for you as a passenger with regard to insurance . Without license it is forbidden to carry passengers against payment helicopter taxi , from a place to another .

Helicopter Sightseeing and Tax iTours all over Norway
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John-Erik Sogn Helicopter Pilot VIP TAXI Flights
Prices on Helicopter rental, hire and charter in Norway

Helicopter taxi –  Cheaper than you think !

Many Helicopter Types

We and our partners have several types of helicopters taxi with different seat capacity for passenger transport . To achieve the best possible price pr. passages it is important to fill all the seats.

Fixed Price vs Hourly Rate

For some popular destinations we offer helicopter taxi at a fixed price . This can pay off, especially in bad weather . For the smaller taxi helicopterstypes, weigt of passengers are of importance for price.

Permit to Land

Helicopter taxi can land in most places with an open area of ​​20x20m and outside densely populated areas and towns. Written landing permission from landowner must be obtained prior to booking

Operational and technical responsibility

The operational and technical responsibility always lies with the executing helicopter company. These are the flying entities and they have all necessary licenses and permits from the Civil Aviation Authority. HeliWing helicopter services and helicopter taxi , rent for all purposes. Send us an email  today for informal request on Helicopter Taxi Prices Prices !

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Helicopter Taxi and Transport Norway
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Get to your destination safe and quickly by helicopter. Receive price quote in 1 minute. Capacity from 3 to 5 passenger seats.