Helicopter in kick-off, teambuilding , competitions, corporate events.

If you want to arrange a teambuilding event to something extraordinary that you want the clients to remembered ? Let’s put together a team building experience package for you. Whether it’s your best customers , employees or business partners , a teambuilding event with helicopters being appreciated and long remembered . We have experience with team building event from both home and abroad . The use of helicopters in teambuilding experience provides an element of surprise as the finishing touch .

Your business can be big or small , We cooperate with the professional major event agencies or we can put together their own program for smaller businesses .

100 passengers by helicopter from Hjortnes kai til Villa Malla

Helicopter EC120 turbine is a very good choice for company events
Pilots flying helicopter tours in Oslo puts safety First
Helicopter used in surpricing business kick off event


Adapted to any group

We can customize helicopter experiences to any event budget. Whether flying small rides on the venue or carrying delegates all or part of the way to the target. For only NOK 600, – per person you can surprise your participants to fly all the participants the final destination in Helicopter. Whether it is an island in the Oslo Fjord or conference hotel in the mountains

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Profiling on the helicopter

Helicopter in corporate event may be appropriate also in profiling context.
Does your company have major subcontractors are often those interested to visualize themselves during the event . You can offer advertising space on the helicopter to add to you marketing Budgets.  Let us propose a mockup to your Clients.

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Having a helicopter playing a role in corporate events puts an memorable edge to the party. Check out various ideas to surprise the participants