Helicopter charter and hire in Bachelor Parties !

Bachelor parties and helicopter rides as a prelude to the day , never fails . Do you have a friend or girlfriend who is getting married ! We can arrange a helicopter experience for you. Either pick up or deliver the candidate where the organizer of the parties decides. Maybe combine with a Tandem Skydive ? We have experience with bachelor parties . A sightseeing tour with the candidate and a few friends, does not cost much per person when many share the cost. Is there a bigger team, other participants can share the seats at the helicopter by taking several takeoffs. You can rent a helicopter with 3, 4 or 5 passenger seats.

There are many opportunities for helicopter in bachelor parties . All OVER NORWAY – See which ones suit your budget and desires. Here you will get quotes and price for helicopter in bachelor parties ONLINE in less than a  minutes.

Create your own helicopter tour and route the way you want it

You can use our trip generator and create your own helicopter tour for bachelor party and get price on-line while testing out different option. Could not be simpler .

Fixed helicopter flights and routes from base and back

There are many regular routes bachelor parties may benefit from. Not only in the Oslo area , but over ALL OVER NORWAY . The tours follow a fixed route you can see below. Duration from 20 minutes upwards. Check if any the fixed tours suits you. In several places there are different types of helicopters with 3,4,5 or 6 passenger seats. Others have maybe only 3 or 5 seaters . You decide how many people will fly. Most permanent tours are between 30 and 90 minutes depending on where you are in Norway . Some tour is up to 4 hours. Check the regular sightseeing flights to see at once how many seats helicopters of the place you want to fly from have.

With just a few keystrokes on our price and trip generator, make your own helicopter route and get price on-line.

See and send request on suggested helicopter flights and routes throughout Norway. From 20 min to 4 hours.

Make you own helicopter sightseeing route. and flight. Decide number of people and route. Get quote online

Book helicopter taxi and fly candidate to a location where the rest of the party is waiting

Book helicopter to meet at a particular location and fly short helicopter flights for all participants

Helicopter Tours and Sightseeing Norway
Helicopter in Bachelor Parties Make your own Tour online
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Bachelor Parties Make your own Helicopter Event

Helicopters come in various types depending on loction

Helicopters available for bachelor parties have different prices and seat configuration. and of course price !   Check out available types at your location.  The helicopters below are the most common ones.

AS350 Heliwing Bachelor Party

AS350 – 5 passenger seats

Helicopter Seat capacity 5 passengers
EC120 Helicopter Bachelor Party

EC120B – 4 Passenger seats

Helicopters in Norway EC120B Seat Capasity
R44 Helicopter in Bachelor Parties

R44 – 3 Passenger seats

Helicopters in Norway R44 Robinson Raven II Seat Capacity

Important and useful information about
Helicopter and SAFETY

Have SAFE fun in the air !

The use of helicopters in bachelor parties makes the day. In upbeat mood and good spirits, it is extra important to take responsibility for providing information on security rules when using helicopter.

Read through our pages about SAFETY and ensure your day is successful !
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Helicopter Service for bachelor parties in Norway
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Make the day special with helicopter. Taxi to the event or make your own helicopter trips for all. Just enter requirement and get quote online