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Helicopter gives you the best puctures for the air

Aerial Photograhy from Helicopter

In a Hurry for Aerial Photoing ? Helicopter takes you quickly to where it happens. Whether you are a photographer, reporter, environmentalist or just wishing for a great aerial view of the house or cottage, we can give you a very good fixed price of aerial photographs from a helicopter . Seeing things from the air by helicopter gives a wonderful overview . Helicopter is a great utility for aerial photography and provides far greater scope than airplanes . But it also requires that the pilot has extensive experience in this type of type of flight and aerial photography . Helicopter Services aerial photography, is also used widely in industry and project management.

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Helicopter is the best solution for aerial photo
Electronic News Gathering ENG from Helicopter in Norway
Helicopter Aerial Photography from Helicopter Norway
Helicopter Photo and Filming for Air in Norway Traffic

Pilot Skills
Aerial Photo Flying

The companies have requirements of experience on its pilots. The skills needed of such pilots, requires more than 1,000 hours of experience with this type of aerial photography. This has implications for you as a customer. Both for safety reasons and that the job can be done more efficiently and faster.
HeliWing always use highly qualified photographers to the actual shooting, and the editing afterwards.
Always check that the company you are flying with have permission to aerial photography. Not all do !. HeliWing uses only operators authorized by the CAA.

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EC120B – A perfect helicopter for Aerial Photogeaphy

Helicopter EC120 Colibri is the perfect tool for Aerial pictures and film in Norway

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Helicopter Aerial Photo applications

Below are some examples of areas where aerial photography can open new business for you as a photographer or for those who want aerial photos for themselves. Development projects, news, private property, commercial property etc.

Permission is required for commercial purposes

Please note that permission is required from the National Security Authority (Formerly. Supreme command of MOD), to record aerial photos over Norwegian territory. Read about the regulation here.

Read more here: Permission is requiered

Helicopter charter and services
Aerial Photo and film from Helicopter - Norway
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Aerial Photo and film from Helicopter - Norway
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Helicopter charter for film and photo missions in Norway. Still photos, handheld or Gyro stabilized rigs. Send email for best quotes.