Organize Helicopter Tours from your location !  Fun for all ages !

Many locations

Every year Heliwing arranges helicopter tours on a number of fixed locations. Here you can get a reasonable experience in the air in a helicopter over your home town. Helicopter tours on market days are usually about 10 min., Including embarkation and disembarkation. The price varies from NOK 500,-  and upwards incl VAT per. person. Helicopters takes 3, 4, 5 or 6 passengers at a time.

Market days

If you arrange market days or other major events where it is desirable to have as many visitors as possibles, the offering of helicopter tours is an attractive  event. .Helicopter Tours attracts attention both by audio and visual. An offer of short helicopter rides,  over you home town or home, is appreciated by young and old.

How much does it cost to organize an helicopter trips event ?

As the organizer, there are no costs associated with the offer, except that we require a minimum amount of passengers. The Flight Generator will find out for you. We can also offer you advertising commercials by banner towing advertising for the event.  All that is required is a central landing place and that you market the helicopter tours in the form of notices, etc. in the community. The rest we’ll do yourself. Helicopter is a sure crowd magnet. Both visually and in terms of sound. Remember – bring video or camera when you’re going up in the helicopter. Imagine standing still in the air above your home and get it on film. Only by helicopter, this is possible! You can also charter helicopter on an hourly basis, and be responsible for selling tickets themselves. Also see the Flight Generator at All flights carried out by operators approved by the CAA for such activities.

How much does it cost to organize a local helicopter trips arrangement ?

Video  – Custom helicopter trips by fixed ROUTE

Video – Custom helicopter trips by fixed DURATION

This is the input to the Helicopter Flight Generator

  • Select Helicopter Flights with fixed Duration or fixed Route
  • Select waypoints on helicopter route, or number of minutes for route
  • Select number of helicopter flights or number of total passengers
  • Press Get Quote button

The most common helicopter seat configurations :

Helicopters in Norway AS350 Squirrel seat capacity
Helicopters in Norway EC120B Seat Capasity
Helicopters in Norway R44 Robinson Raven II Seat Capacity
Helicopter tours for all ages NLA event for memebers
Robinson 44 a safe and affordable helicopter for business events
Local tours over Oslofjord and the Drøbak Streight

Helicopter tours fits well in as an event in many contexts

Helicopter Tours – Camping Grounds

During the summer holidays we have also experienced great interest in helicopter tours from camping Grounds during the summer season. Our campsite customers can download the free digital photos of their place on our web. Taken by passengers. In addition, aerial photographs of the CampGround is offered  at very reasonable price.

Helicopter Tours in private events

Are you having a private event, you can also book helicopter tours. It can be anniversary, bachelor parties or other festive occasions. You can order a fixed camera mount in the cabin, so  you can purchase the recording afterwards! Call us, we can customize the arrangement and helicopter ours to your budget.

Helicopter Tours in public events

We offer helicopter tours in a series of planned events throughout the winter, spring and summer. Please contact us to be updated with information where.

Helicopter Tours in Ski Resorts

Helicopter tours from Ski Resorts are becoming popular. What about offering skiers helicopter lifts from the bottom of the Resort to the top. Ideal as closing or opening of the season.
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Make your Local helicopter trip arrangement in Norway
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