FLIGHT GENERATOR a unique tool to calculate price on helicopter services

 Flight Generator is a unique FREE on-line service accessible to all. With it you can find the price of the most common helicopter services anytime and anywhere as long as you have internet connection . No commitments. Check out and try for yourself
  • Helicopterservice
  • Helicopter rental
  • Helicopter taxi
  • Helicopter transport
  • Helikopterfrakt
  • Helicopter lift
  • Helicopter Sightseeing
  • Helicopter Sling operations

FLIGHT Generator for calculating price on all !
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Flight Generator - Calculate Price on Helicopter Services

This are the services in FLIGHT Generator – Try it yourself ! No obligations

  • Taxi from A to B
  • Taxi with waypoints
  • Make your own sightseeing route
  • Set up local helicopter tours
  • Cargo flights to inaccessible locations
  • Smaller missions up to 5 lifts
  • Large operations with multiple helicopters
  • Many helicopter types
  • Helicopter Sightseeing tours premade
  • All over Norway
  • 40+ suggested tours
  • Animated tours online
  • Gift certificates on all tours
  • Low Price Calendar Cargo Flights
  • Share costs with others on Cargo flights
  • Buy “empty seats on ferry flights
  • Register you flight for others to see and share costs

Save time and send booking request directly from calendar to all relevant operators simultaniously !

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