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  • Gift Certificates on Helicopter Tours ALL over Norway

Buy gift certificate on a helicopter ride is actually quite simple.

Our motto is that it should be easy for anyone to get into the air. Therefore, we open for everyone to have the opportunity to buy a helicopter ride, not just the privileged. Throughout the year there are many events , birthdays, anniversaries , weddings and stag parties that deserve some extra attention. A helicopter tour can distinguish a perfect celebration and a celebration similar to the other years. Let us make this special for you, at a price you can live with .

Price List Gift Certificates on Helicopter Tours in Norway

Choose Place belowPrice from NOK :

Helicopter tours from Oslo2.000,-
Helicopter tours from Sandefjord2.000,-
Helicopter tours from Arendal2.380,-
Helicopter tours from Kristiansand2.000,-
Helicopter tours from Stavanger2.000,-
Helicopter tours from Bergen2.000,-
Helicopter tours from Hardanger3.600,-
Mo i Rana2.000,-
Gift certificates for less people than helicopter has seats, is set up with other passengers
 All gift card also comes as On- line version with the animated Helicopter ! See pictures while ” flying ” on-line !

How does Gift Certificate on Helicopter Tour work ?

  •  Gift on helicopter registered in the beneficiary ‘s name and are personal
  • Gift on helicopter sent electronically by email.
  • You can create a personal message on the gift card
  • Gift on Card on  helicopter tours all over Norway.
  • Gift on Card on helicopter ride lasts all of 12 months from date of purchase.
  • Gift on helicopter ride goes from the helicopter base at the site .

How to purchase a Gift Certificate on Helicopter Tour

  • Choose city from pricelist on helicopter tours above
  • Choose which tour you want and see price.
  • Register and pay by VISA/Mastercard/PayPal
  • Enter the name of the receiver of Gift Certificate on Helicopter Tour
  • Receive the Giftcertificate on Helicopter tour on your email
  • Print out the Gift Certificate on Helicopter Tour, or resend to receiver

How to use a Gift Certificate on Helicopter Tours

  • Register The Gift Certificate on www.helikopter.flights
  • Enter the serial number or scan the Q-koden on a smartphone
  • Choose “Use Certificate”
  • Register your request for a date
  • Wait for a confirmation form the helicopter company
  • Meet at the agreed date , place and time

GIFT CARD ON helicopter ride – A SURE WINNER

Gift Certificate on Helicopter Tours in Norway
Gift Certificates Helicopter Tour Oslo City

Helicopter tours from 30 min

Helicopter tours as Gift Certificates comes in all price ranges. Right from 30 min over Drøbak strait in  Oslo fjord to 4 hour tours over fjords, mountains, glaciers and waterfalls. Most tours are from a half hour to a bit over an hour . You can buy gift certificates for helicopter from kr. 2.000,- per person. Are you less than seats in helicopter, tour goes with other passengers having the same card

See it all from first row !

Gift Certificates on Helicopter rides , is the fastest way to get an overview of all parts of the city or place the tour goes from. On the longer trips like the fjord, waterfalls and glaciers, you will see nature from a different angle. Many attractions can actually be almost impossible to see otherwise as accessability puts stop to it . Waterfalls and glaciers is fantastic to see from the air.

Gift Certificates from 1 to 7 people

At heliwing only !  you can also get a helicopter  ride without paying for full helicopter . Are not many enough to fill an entire helicopter,  and you want to give an experience for perhaps just one or two people, you fly with other pleasant passengers who want to fly the same trip . The helicopters used varies from base to base . From the smallest with 3 passenger seats to larger with up to 7 .

Heliwing.no  dos not sell the gift certificates.  Purchase  of gift certificates are solely from company   Heliticket AS  through  their portal at www.helikopter.flights in accordance with their prices , terms & conditions .

Helicopter charter and services
Gift Certificate Helicopter Sightseeing Tours Norway
Type of helicopter service
Gift Certificate Helicopter Sightseeing Tours Norway
Company name
Buy a helicopter sightseeing tour as a gift certificate. Tours available all over Norway. From 1 to 7 passengers. 30 min to 4 hours