Helicopter charter and Sightseeing Tours from Sandefjord

All helicopter tours are operated by authorized operators with all necessary approvals from the Civil Aviation Authority. Helicopter types have different seating configurations from 3 passenger seats and above. From Sandefjord the tours are for 3 or 5 people. If you are less, buy a GIFT CERTIFICATE from 1 person and fly with others

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Sandefjord Helikopterleie


Tour #071

Experience a helicopter view of the fjords and cities in the Sandefjord area! Idyllic towns and beautiful coastline.

Helicopter types from Sandefjord

AS350 – 5 passenger seats
Helicopter types in Norway AS350 Squirrel
Helicopters in Norway AS350 Squirrel seat capacity
Robinson 44 –  3 passenger seats
Helicopters in Norway Robinson R44
Helicopters in Norway R44 Robinson Raven II Seat Capacity

You need to be 3 or 5 passengers to fly this tour on a fixed date.

Are you less than 3 passengers ?

How to book and pay for a helicopter sightseeing tour

( For Giftcertificates regster on www.helikopter.flights )

  • Click on your trip you want

  • You will be redirected to a new page with trip details

  • Flight route displayed on the map to the left in the picture

  • Press “Play” and route appear with pictures from the trip

  • To order , press the green button Price in the upper right corner

  • Select the number of passengers On the next page

  • Select the date and time

  • Enter the names of passengers. ( Vacant seats set to “Idle ” )

  • Check the box for terms and conditions and press “Send inquiry” 

Once you have paid 10% ‘re done . The rest you pay when you fly .
Helikopter turer over Sandefjord
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Helicopter Sightseeing Tours Sandefjord  Norway
Type of helicopter service
Helicopter Sightseeing Tours Sandefjord Norway
Company name
Sandefjord, Norway
Sightseeing tour along the coastline and cities of Vesfold county Norway. Duration 30 minutes. Helicopters with 3 or 5 passengerseats