Helicopter is a very versatile tool, but the forces of nature isn’t to decide over. Every mission is associated with weather modification and subject to deferred flight for technical reasons. It can be icing in the air, low clouds, high winds or poor visibility to fulfill the assignment. By cancellations of not yet commenced flights due to weather or technical conditions, the tour is conducted by first possible opportunity when the weather permits. Is the time not suitable for the customer, ask the operator for a new date within 12 months. Refunds will not be issued. The Company can not provide any compensation for the cancellation. It is the pilot alone at any given time who determines if the weather or technical conditions allow flying or not. A minimum of 800 m visibility ahead, and distance between the ground and clouds can not be lower than 167m outside towns and densely populated areas and 384 m within. If pilot consider weather to be within legal limitations, but you, the customer still want to cancel, payment is due as described under “cancellation”. As if no-show for the booked tour. See also more information in the section “Prices” on weather modification missions fixed price.