Helicopter Low Price Calnedar

Save Money on the Low Price Calendar !

We have connected to a feature that can register flights that may be purchased for a lower price.  Helicopter companies can register themselves on  the calender, or you can enter a request for a service yourself.  Others may be waiting just for Your request.

Helicopter Taxi flights – Check for empty seats

Enter you request on the system if you are less passengers than seats in helicopter. Others may connect and share costs.   Helicopter companies may also register empty seats on ferry flights or Taxi return flights You may get a good price on a taxi flight if you are flexible, and a flight is registered on the low price calendar by either a company or a user.

Helicopter Cargo Flights – Save on initial costs

Enter you Cargo Sling Operation request on the system and publish. others that also have a request in the same area may connect and you split costs on flying to the mission area.  Helicopter Companies may also register scheduled sling operations on the same calendar  for others to connect to.  The more bookings in same area,  the cheaper initial cost. Especially if in remote areas.

Sightseeing Tours – Share flight With others

The Helicopter Sightseeing Tours requiere that all seats are paid for.   You may list yourself for a tour on the Low Price Calendar if you are less passengers that the helicopter has seats for.  You may then connect to others that have listed a helicopter flight or you may register your own request so others can connect with you and the flight can o Depending on location, helicopters take from 3 to 6 People.

Helicopter charter and services
Low Price Calendar Helicopter in Norway
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Low Price Calendar Helicopter in Norway
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Looking for a cheap helicopter ride ? Or share cost on cargo flights ? Check out or list your request on Low Price Calendar