Helicopter safety and  Insurance

Transport of passengers and goods are insured according Aviation Act No. . 101 06/11/1993 . For the insurance to be valid and not subject to curtailment , it is essential that the executing helicopter operator has licenses for the operation. In addition, it is equally important that equipment to be used during the operation is in accordance with requirements for valid certification of the equipment. Otherwise, the insurance can  be reduced and at worst become invalidated .

Special Drawing Rights

The responsibility is given in SDR ( Special Drawing Rights . 1 SDR = approx $ 10.For cargo of higher value than 17 SDR pr. Kg , must additionally insured by customer . Helicopter company must be made aware if the value exceeds 17 SDR pr. kilo.

Insurance amount :

  • For personal injury – limited to 100.000,- SDR
  • For baggage :1.000,- SDR
  • For cargo and load 17,- SDR pr.kilo
  • For third Party responsibility : Individual policies

Stop_sign_small Shortening or no Payout at All

A good example is the use of Aero Clubs or Skydiver Clubs for Tandem Skydive or short tours for bachelor partiesties. It is strictly prohibited to purchase ordinary commercial services from other than companies that have CAA Operating Licences for commercial activities. Aero Clubs and parachute clubs have NOT such a permit and can only offer the service as part of a training coursefor  light aircraft pilots or skydiver. If you buy the services of such , in connection with a bachelor partyg , it could be very serious consequences if something goes wrong. The same applies to liability insurance against damage to third party property .


Dont risk It !

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Helicopter Safety and Insurance
Helicopter Safety and Insurance
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