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Cheaper helicopter from abroad?

Helicopter safety is as relevant and followed as closely by foreign helicopter companies as Norwegian . It is common European air provisions within EU and EEA for commercial helicopter operations . Foreign helicopter companies are often hired to enter into contracts in Norway . In the same way that Norwegian companies are hired for assignments abroad. The foreign helicopter company , however, must obtain a permit from the country’s aviation authority .

See Print from CAA Authority : Helicopter Safety and foreign companies .

Requirements for foreign Helicopter companies :

  • Approved in own country
  • Helicopter type approved in Norway
  • Approved procedures for assignment
  • Paid fee

You should check :

  • Permission from CAA
  • Votes characteristics with permission
  • The fee is paid
  • Need one or more licenses

Regulations on fees for foreign helicopter companies

§ 27. International Helicopter Operators and airlines
( 1) For an application from foreign airlines for permission Aerial Work or air transport within Norway outside airport for public use , fee to be paid NOK 2,100 per license

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Cross border Helicopter companies
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