Helicopter Safety – How to book a helicopter Service

What should be included in an order of external suspended load by helicopter ? Do this right , you save both money and time . We have extensive experience as pilots and planners. Remember you can save time and money on good planning . There are numerous costly individual elements within helicopter transport , and significant additional costs may arise if no load can be flown when the helicopter arrives. If it is important to carry out the assignment on a particular date and time, it is wise to have a plan ” B ” if the weather or other unforeseen circumstances puts an end to the mission or that it is interrupted . A complete order is important for helicopter safety .

Weight of heaviest single object .

The helicopter must be able to lift the heaviest single object. Is the heaviest object not possible to split up , and it is too heavy for the helicopter type selected , the whole mission risks being canceled.

Exact position.

For landing place where the items to be transported are placed, and the same for place of delivery. This must be stated with a clear notification with no chance of misinterpreting

Number of Lifts

Inadequate information can lead to the assignment can not be performed due to eg. fuel calculation, rest periods for pilots, equipment to be included for the mission etc.

Type of cargo

There are different requirements for pilot for different types of cargo. Simple sacks with sand and gravel , or installation of roof trusses , require different expertise . A less experienced pilot will soon be able to make the mission more costly.


Distances in meters between the collection point and delivery point , as well as any differences in altitude . Large height differences involve longer flight time and higher price


Wires, cables or other hazards on retrieving and shipping space to be disclosed . Loose objects that could blow up and hit people , objects or property can stop a mission .

For passenger transport

Complete data on all passengers must be stated if passenger transport is to take place. Name, Address, Phone and weight. Emphasis on luggage or number of packages and type for cargo , must also be included and described.

Landing Permission

You must obtain landing permission from the landowner where the helicopter will land to connect the loading hook equipment and prepare the cargo to be transported . Alternatively, where passengers are retrieved. It is usually not necessary to land on the delivery point at the Cargo load flights . You need permission in writing , and email is sufficient . You need property number, municipality name , name of Deed holder . Then you need to find titleholder , establish contact and request permission to land that day. Even Landing Permission has to do with helicopter safety. With booking your mission through HeliWing , we can take this time-consuming task for you against payment . Read more about Landing Permits here

We have automated this time consuming task for you !

All you need to do is find the name and phone number of the owner, and press GET LANDING PERMISSION during the latter part of the order on our price calculator www.helikopter.flights . You and the helicopter company receiving concomitant message when titleholder has answered OK , and you can both log you into the mission with us to check and print the permit.

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When booking the helicopter transport
When booking the helicopter transport
Do this right , you save both money and time . We have extensive experience as pilots and planners. Remember you can save time and money on good planning