What’s requirements – Emergency equipment in helicopter safety ?

In Norwegian regulations this is detailed in BSL D 1-8. – Provisions for flights with single-engine aircraft in mountainous and desert areas and on Svalbard. Among the important things to be prepared for good helicopter safety, is that both crew and passengers have clothes and equipment acc. weather , temperature and relative otherwise . You as a passenger must also be dressed for the conditions. Use common sense .
To travel over mountain in suit and city shoes for a business meeting , is not a good idea ‘ . Helicopters are flying between clouds and the ground , and are therefore more prone to delays than scheduled flights . There can be a lot of waiting and food is wise to take along. Especially if the route goes over deserted areas . Helicopter companies may also have additional specifications for emergency equipment . Emergency equipment is checked regularly , and has a defined ” Life ” between each control

Regulations on helicopter safety

What can you expect on helicopter safety of a serious helicopter company ? See excerpts of regulations under !.

Helicopter Safety Emergency Equipment

Helicopter Safety Requirements for Rescue and emergency equipment

  • Flare

It shall be carried means to send emergency signals as described in air traffic rules . The commander should have set themselves thoroughly in the rules for search and rescue in (SAR) AIP Norway.

  • Emergency radios

It shall be carried a radio with emergency frequencies and extra battery . Passengers needs briefing on the use of this by the commander before the flight begins.

  • Subsistence

Necessary means and equipment for life maintenance for the relevant flight, is to be carried.

  • Location

The equipment must be clearly marked and should be collected and placed in an appropriate place in the aircraft. The commander shall, prior to the flight commencing, inform persons on board where the rescue and emergency equipment is and its placement .

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Helicopter Emergency Equipment
Helicopter Emergency Equipment
On inland helicopter services there are mandatory emergency equipment to be carried. Check it out.