Safety – How to select the most suitable Helicopter Company

Which questions should you ask

To select a helicopter company it is important to familiarize yourself with the various issues that may arise. It can be difficult to ask the right questions if you are unfamiliar with the industry. One need not be knowledgeable in the subject if you use a company with the right attitude and good customer service. If you use HeliWing, we will help with this in a professional manner. We are pilots and knows the business from the inside. Combining customer friendliness and understanding on the one hand, and a consistent security posture is a good indication. Both are
important. Both for the applicable provisions of the aviation followed and in relation to accidents. With a bad attitude to customer care and security, the mission that was cheap initially, fast becoming the most expensive. CAA performs inspections of helicopter companies regularly, but it is not necessarily always the safety procedures that are subject to inspection every time.We know which questions to ask to examine how safety culture is now! and not the last time the CAA had this on the agenda during the inspection of the company.

Qualification from external companies

Being qualified by an external authority, with commercial interests in having as many as possible qualified members as possible, is simply no guarantee of quality and security AT ALL . There are even companies that provide information such agencies use in their own “qualification . It is the actual and daily use ofrecessed quality and safety procedures in the company’s books that is crucial. Not what it says , but that it is followed in a routinely manner. We know how this is going to be checked.


All companies that perform commercial operations in aviation must have approval from a national authority. In Norway, its the the Civil Aviation Authority. Approvals are in the form of Licence and Air Operator Certificate . However, it is still the company’s willingness , ability and history to succeed with their own approved procedures which ultimately shows seriousness . Read more about permits here.

Evaluation of helicopter company

For an in-depth assessment of a helicopter company in the context og safety , is not inspections by the CAA every now and then that is sufficient. One must know the industry from the inside . Is there a single mission to be performed , or a major contract for a long time to be assigned , it can be totally different criteria that forms the basis for evaluation . Are you unfamiliar with the industry , it would be totally unfair and take too long if you were to put yourself into the helicopter types , features and price you actually need. With our industry knowledge , we help you with this.


When you engage someone to perform a commercial mission where helicopter services are included, it is contractual Laws that governs commercial responsibility. Not Aviation Act. In other words, it is the entering into the commercial agreement with a payment for the defined tasks. This is the commercial financial agreement. It is the performance of the operational aviation-related part of the mission, which the helicopter company is responsible for. What if the assignment does not go as it should? or becomes more expensive than anticipated? Then it can be very useful to have a professional competence partner to deal on who is best suited to have the commercial responsibility. Helicopter company or an entrepreneur? . Often this is a single company, but many helicopter companies have high volume deficit and is continuously dependent on grants from the owners. It is therefore becoming more and more common for helicopter companies to be hired as subcontractors to contractors, VIP travel agencies and other resource partners who know the industry well and can ask the important and relevant questions.

Private Helicopter or Clubs

Rental of helicopter that is not registered as a commercial aircraft for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited . Private helicopters and clubs. For example, flyclubs clubs flying bachelor party or parachute clubs selling tandem Skydive from helicopters against payment under the pretext that it is an introduction to the sport. This is a circumvention of the rules and not allowed otherwise than as actual and real part of a course . HeliWing know who has the necessary permissions to perform operational and commercial activities . For use of foreign helicopter company , Read more on separate section on helicopter companies from other contries. . This is fully legal and rules are pan-European .

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How to choose helicopter company
How to choose helicopter company
To select a helicopter company it is important to familiarize yourself with the various issues that may arise. It can be difficult to ask the right questions if you are unfamiliar with the industry.