Communication with the helicopter pilot 

One of the key issues in helicopter safety, is that everyone involved understands the content and sequence of what is happening , and will happen during mission. Also what the helicopter pilot reckon you or others participating in the mission should do. The communication should be clear, obvious and extensively about all conditions.

When ordered you informed about :

  • Type assignment : Taxi , download , photography, sightseeing , etc.
  • Number of passengers and weight , or weight of load, number of lift etc.
  • Landing Space : Wires of any type, soil conditions , trees , poles etc.
  • Position for landing , if necessary . Unloading or landing .
  • Time and date for the mission

After booking you should have :

  • Requirements for the place where the helicopter will land .
  • What to do when the helicopter arrives.
  • The helicopter’s capacity. Do you get what you ordered ?
  • Requirements applicable to the weather . – Visibility, cloud base,wind strength and direction .
  • Equipment used during the mission and that it is certified .

Briefing the pilot before starting.

  • Stepwise review with everyone.
  • Possible dangers .
  • Distribution of tasks.
  • Alternative solutions if necessary.
  • Hazardous situations when working around helicopters.
  • Solve things on the ground
  • Securing or moving long objects from helicopter in motion

Landing Permission must be obtained before the mission and must follow the helicopter at all times.

Who can give permission?

  • Cultivated land : From Landowner
  • Undeveloped land (Outland) : Landowners and municipalities
  • Protected areas : As above plus regional authorities
  • Special areas : Landowner + CAA
  • Large people accumulations : Landowner + Police

HeliWing can help !

How do I find the landowner ? What is uncultivated , outland or developed land ? protected areas ? How do I inform correctly about weather conditions ? It is unreasonable to put a lot of responsibility for this on you as a customer. It has to do with helicopter safety. Through our portal for automatic calculation of the price of helicopter services , there is also a function for handling permits to land.

Order through HeliWing and we will help you with this.

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Safety - The helicopter pilot and you
Safety - The helicopter pilot and you
Important for you as a customer to know. You may save money. Many pitfalls can make it expensive