Rental of ” Private ” helicopter

It is strict prohibited use helicopters that are not registered for commercial use to a helicopter mission . This regardless of whether you pay for it or not. Or whether it is a friend service , cost-sharing and the like. It does not matter if the owner of the helicopter has profit or loss on the flight – it is also prohibited as long as there is only one person on board who has a commercial purpose of the trip. Such as a photographer who will take pictures of anyone!

Use of Helicopter or Aero Clubs

Even the so-called cost sharing , as a helicopter club or flying club that ” rents ” helicopter or airplane to members who are flying short trips at his own expense to stag parties and the like, are likewise prohibited. In the club context, it is permitted to take people against payment in connection with the introduction of a course or to obtain the license . However, it is unlikely that a photographer or a bachelor party should take helicopter or pilot license or learn to skydive .

Helicopter rental sightseeing from private owners

It is a criminal offense and you as payer / customer , can be held accountable for complicity in the offense . In case of accident can  such conditions have serious and dire consequences in the insurance context. It’s about Helicopter Safety .

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Private helicopter - Illegal in commercial charter
Private helicopter - Illegal in commercial charter
Information about prohibited use of private helicopters in commercial use. This is strictly illegal and may cause loss of insurance