Aerial photographs and filming from the air by helicopter

For taking pictures or film from the air, requirer permission from NSM – Nasjsonal Security Authority . NSM was previously part of the Armed forces supreme command. The license shall comply with the helicopter during the flight , and presented to the authorities on demand . Helicopter safety under aerial filming is especially important when the helicopter often is set up in difficult positions during the flight to get the photos the way the photographer wants .

It is a photographer and NOT Helicopter Company or pilot who needs permit

Review of the mission

  • Define subjects for photo flight
  • Angles to the object
  • Heights
  • Requirements for weather

With open door -Pre flight

  • Pre-flight Briefing.
  • Photo harness adapted and tested
  • All objects in the cabin secured
  • Warm clothes
  • Hand Signals

In the air it can get cold sitting in the open door . Although summer. Warm clothing is needed. Loose objects such as hat, overall kit , scarf , equipment bags and similar must be secured otherwise they can be pulled out of the cabin and in the worst case, in the tail rotor when the door is open . Hand signals are important to deal with as it is difficult to communicate through headsets when foftografens sitting in the doorway. Photo harness is a useful tool for the photographer to be able to move easily during the mission . Pilot will brief through the use and adaptation before departure.

Photo Permission

Helicopter safety is not just aviation. Protection of objects for access by foreign powers or industry must also maintain safeguarded. You must have permission from NSM to take pictures in commercial purpose from the air. Applications should be sent NSM on their own application form . The regulations stipulate requirements about photo license and is regulated by the Regulation on photography , etc. from the air and control of air photographs and recording material from airborne sensor systems.

Excerpts of Law and Regulations

  • § 4.Photo missions for isolated cases of air photography or recording with airborne sensor systems generally require prior authorization .
  • Permission is not required for photography made ​​by passengers in aircraft scheduled, charter or taxi traffic .
  • Applications for authorization submitted in writing or by telephone to the Defence Command , which determines whether a permit may be granted

The application shall contain information on :

  • Sites, objects , etc. as desired photographed or scanned with sensor systems ,
  • Who is the principal client,
  • The helicopter operator and the pilot who will undertake the flight (s);
  • What photo or recording material to be used ,
  • Date and time when shooting or sensor recording is believed to take place , and
  • The developing / copying place .
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Helicopter Aerial Photo and Fiming
Aerial Filming from helicopter ! For taking pictures or film from the air, requires permission from NSM – Nasjonal Security Authority