Landing a helicopter in cities villages or other densely populated areas, is NOT allowed unless helicopter has twin engines

Preparations of Landingplace

Landing must be such that there is enough space and distance to higher ground , trees , poles roads , signs, power and telephone lines . There should be at least 30 to 40 meters to the latter. Also, please consider, fur animal farms when noise can harm animals during migration.

The size of a landing area for helicopter depends on the type of helicopter to be used. Moreover type of missions and which way approach and departure will take place from . 30 x 30 m is recommended, but the right circumstances , smaller space also suffice. For helicopter safety , this is centrally .


The substrate is to be landed on , must be flat . Helicopters can land in gently sloping terrain (4-6 degress), but there are different thresholds for the various helicopters. The ground must not be too soft or with a lot of sand or dust . This can damage both the helicopter and surrounding objects eg . cars. Irrigation of space can remediate against dust and sand . During take- over and crossing roadways must all traffic be stopped during crossover .

Loose items

Items that could blow up and possible hit rotor during landing and take-off must be protected against this. Typical trampolines, packaging , clothing and other objects . During the landing thehas rotor wind hurricane strength . Secure surroundings as if you want protected against this .

Children and pets

They must be secured against coming too close and must be kept under control. Larger groups kept together and preferably in one spot with the wind at their backs so the pilot can see all ahead of him during the landing . Never walk or stand behind the helicopter. Inform pilot of obstacles and other conditions in place before he / she arrives. Information on obstacles is especially important .


A helicopter is an advanced machine that creates attention in both audio and visual . For missions placed near churches , nursing homes , residential nurseries etc. , it is appropriate to add the assignment to a time where the disadvantages are minimized . Not everyone seems helicopter is equally fun !

Helicopter safety and landing – HeliWing assist you with the above if you book through us.  However it is always the customer responsibility to obtain permission from the land owner to make use of his land for landing

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Landing place for helicopters - Requirements
Landing place for helicopters - Requirements
Landing must be such that there is enough space and distance to higher ground , trees , poles roads , signs, power and telephone lines. In cities and villages normally prohibited