When accidents happen !

Helicopter Safety is important to prevent accidents and incidents. It can be divided into three grades of incidents where the helicopter is part .

  • Aerial incident
  • Serious incident
  • Accident
 Helicopter operators are obliged to and have regulations to report all of the above to Authories and AIBN . You as a user of helicopter services is encouraged by the CAA to report anything you find unusual during the mission . Report to the helicopter ‘s operational manager or by email to CAA ( postmottak@caa.no )

Include anything you think is important in the report. This can help to improve helicopter safety . For example, this may be :

  • Helicopter company
  • Registration numbers on helicopter
  • Helicopter Pilot
  • Date and time of day
  • Describe the event
  • Damages on objects or humans
  • Weather conditions (Wind, visibility, daylight, precipitation) on site
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Helicopter Safety - when Accidents occur
Helicopter Safety - when Accidents occur
Time is crucial when accidents occur. Check important things to do