Helicopter Cargo Transport Ferry Flights can be split between customers

Helicopter Transport Cargo Flying and shipping of material to summer cabins has a composite cost picture. There are opportunities to save a portion of these by pooling if there are several jobs in the same area. A helicopter may move around 3 km per. minute so the region can be good within 10 min flight. All assignments are carried out by authorized operators who have the operational and technical responsibility.

How do you find out if there are others with a need for helicopter transport and External load of cabin materials in your area?

We have a system that:

  • Allows you to register your mission so others can see it
  • Lets you see others who have posted missions
  • Allows other helicopter company post mission they have in the area
Helicopter Cargo Sling Calculate the Cost

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We only use pilots with long experience in load flights . Operational responsibility is always with approved operator with all licenses from the Authority. Professional experts in air and certified ground crew with many years experience in preparing the load on the ground.

Save money on helicopterservice on Sling Load
Take us on in the planning. It can be profitable. There are many cost-driving factors associated with helicopter transport. We know how to fulfill your mission needs at the most affordable way .