Weight of the package to be lifted by helicopter transport , MUST be within the operator’s limit

There may be substantial additional costs if the packages must be shared on the ground because they are heavier than the operator has instructed . Ask that the suppliers of each package has labeled and  weighed all packages to be transported by the Helicopter.

The different types of helicopter used in load flights and helicopter transport , have different max. lifting capacity and weight for repetitive loads at standard conditions . It is very important to load flights not to exceed these , as this may cause a lot of time on reloading . Remember that in wet weather can dry cargoes absorb moisture from the air and helicopter transport may increase the percentage weight! This changes the weight ratios under load flights . Ex . Leca ! Weight limits are not the same no matter the weather. These are influenced by temperature , barometric pressure , altitude, etc. , wind direction and strength. On example . Lift of building materials for cabins  1000kg is a common work weight for load flights . Ask  that all packets from the building materials supplier is weighed and labeled. Take a picture of the label before flying.

Helicopter Transport Sling Load Norway
Helicopter Transport Sling Load Scale