Pricelist range rate per Hour Helicopter charter and Hire

The price list shows the price range for hourly hire and charter of helicopter . Long missions have hours in the lower range and short in the higher range area . For FIXED PRICE , use our Flight Generator .

Price per hour, Passenger Seats and Lift Capacity

Lift capacity and price range. Small operations 2-4 lifts, has a higher rate than large jobs over many hours and may days
Helicopter type Price range per hour in NOK excl. taxLift CapacityPassenger seats
R44 (Ikke i Norge)6.300 - 9.000300kg3
MD369 (Ikke i Norge)7.000 - 9.000400kg4
EC120B8.000 - 13.000500kg4
AS350BA9.000 - 14.000800kg5
AS350B19.000 - 14.5001000kg5
AS350B210.000 - 15.5001100kg5
AS350B3/EC13011.500 - 18.000 1350kg5
Bell 20515.000 - 25.0001800kg8
Bell 214 (Ikke i Norge)35.000 - 45.0003000kg12
AS332 Super Puma65.000 - 100.0004500kg15
AW10935.000 - 45.0001200kg8
EC13014.000 - 20.0001400kg7
Bell 206 (Ikke i Norge)7.000 - 9.500400kg3
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Priser Helikopterleie i Norge
Priser Helikopterleie i Norge
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