Tandem Skydive from helicopter – Price

Video of Tandem Skydive Norway

NOK 1.000,- incl. all fees

Tandem Skydive from Helicopter:

NOK 3.750,- incl. all fees


Price on Tandemhopp helicopter depends on whether you want to include video and pictures of yourself while both falling into the air in 200 km/hr in freefall, and also after the parashute  has opened .


Cash on attendance, or prepaid

NB ! When ordering gift certificates :
1. The amount must be prepaid/transferred to account.
2. Gift Vouchers are issued and sent in a neutral envelope .

The Skydive includes  :

• Briefing on gorund for 10 minutes
• 10 minutes flight in the helicopter
• Exit from 10.000 ft or 3000 meter
• 30 seconds freefall in 200 km/hr.
• 5-6 minutes flight in the parashute

  • Against extra Payment :

    • DVD of your Skydive complete edited with sound (tandem parashute video)

Exit from the helicopter in 10.000 ft. An unbelievable view.

Tandem Skydive from Helicopter in Norway