Tandem Skydive from Helicopter – The flight Up and Down !

Free fall

When you leave the helicopter, you free fall of 25-30 seconds . The speed reaches 200 km / h . On the arm and sewn onto his glove, the instructor carries avideo camera that films the whole session at close range . Only Tandemhopp Fallskjermsenter can do this. Parachute ejects at a height of 5,000 feet above the ground.

In the Parashute

During the flight after the free fall, the Tandem Passenger has oprtunity to participate in controlling the directions and movement . All the way down. It is remarkable maneuverability and can actually be controlled . After 5-6 minutes with a great view and only the sound from wind valleys you toward the landing site or jump field as it is called . The landing is soft and comfortable ! Ground Crew help you to remove the equipment.

Tandem Skydive from Helicopter Freefall