Tandem Skydive form Helicopter – when you arrive at the field

Upon arrival to the skydive center for tandem skydiving , you are received by the tandem instructor and ground crew . First you get a short briefing on what Tandem skydive is all about. Tandem Fallskjermsenter has a commercial security system that has significantly stricter requirements than clubs or non commercial organisations that use tandem as part of a course . After the briefing with the instructor on the ground you will suit you up and secure the parachute harness. The flight up to 10,000 feet ( 3000m ) takes about 10 min . Here you can watch  Norway with a view you hardly have seen before . Do you have a friend who will come along in the helicopter ? That’s OK. You can purchase a passenger seat on site , or book in advance.

Tandem Skydive in Norway - At arrival on site