Arrange you own helicopter event for the bachelor party

A bachelor party may have many activities on the day.  Helicopter rides as an activity is always a success.  Especially if the day is spent at a location with many activities simultaneously. We can arrange a light sightseeing helicopter to meet at the event location and fly all participants local flights of 10 min each.  Flights may not necessarily be sightseeing,  and the rides can easily be adopted to various other activities that engage the hole team. Would you like us to arrange fun and engaging games where the helicopter is an element of use ?    Just send us an email with your budget and we’ll get back to you. Or do  you have your own ideas !  Then its easy to calculate the cost for the helicopter event in the Flight Generator. This is what you need to do:

  • Enter the Flight Calculator and set the exact location of where the bachelor party will take place.
  • Decide if you plan to make the fights in fixed duration in minutes per flight
  • Alternatively you may set  fixed route per helicopter flight.
  • Select number seats you want in the in helicopter
  • Select the total number flights in the helicopter
  • Select the number  of people in the group total.

A quote comes in less than a minute, and you may also send booking request directly to operators. Se the tutorial videos below on both options. Its easy , flexible, quick and FREE.

AS350 Heliwing Bachelor Party

See tutorial video Flight Calculator by fixed route

See tutorial video Flight Calculator by fixed duration