Landing Permit Helicopter

Helicopter taxi can land in most places with an open area of ​​20x20m . Written landing permission from landowner, must be obtained by you in writing. In Norway it is not allowed to land in outlying areas by helicopter taxi . I.e. in mountains and forests, this is regulated by the “Law on motorized traffic in outlying areas .” We encourage all our customers to read through the ” information” in the main menu before ordering helicopter taxi .

Landing Permission must be obtained before the mission and must follow the helicopter.

Practical issues in obtaining permit

  • What is undeveloped land
  • What is developed land
  • What is protected areas
  • What areas are restricted

Who can give permit to land

  • Developed Land : Landowner
  • Undeveloped Land : Landowner and municipalty
  • Protected areas : As above pluss environmental authorities
  • Restricted areas: Landowner plus Civil Aviation Authroties

Heliwing can help you with Helikopter Landing Permission against an extra fee