If a started flight is canceled due to technical, weather-related security or other reasons that do not make it possible to fly the planned route, The operator has the right to transport customers to the place that was the intention that the customer was going by alternative means of transport. The operator decides alone what way that is appropriate. Customer is responsible for paying the agreed price for the entire carriage as if it had gone normally. Is there no alternative, the proportionate reduction in estimated total flying time is credited .

When ordering, customer acknowledge these Terms and Conditions and further agree that any flight may be interrupted for reasons mentioned above, and can not make liability of any kind as against HeliWing as a result of disruption. The terms are complete and exhaustive completely. Is the customer in doubts whether the flight is feasible, he should in writing ask th e operator by email before flying starts. Commander is the final authority for the flight shall commence and / or be interrupted for any reason. Consequences regulated otherwise collected through these and the other conditions of www.heliwing.no.