A gift certificate purchased through this portal  is the responsibility of Helikopter Flights Ltd. and is to be understand as a proof of payment of a time-limited right to take delivery of a particular helicopter transport arranged by Helikopter Flights Lrd. within 12 months. from payment has been made. Gift Certificate for 1 or 2 people flown Saturdays between 12:00 and 4:00 p.m., and when there is a minimum of 3 people who signed up. Below is more information about the terms and conditions governing the use of short and tour trip. The gift card is thus not a “thing” in relation to the Sale of Goods Act or consumer law and is thus not a security or a value statement. You lose the gift card we will be able to issue a new one. Rights which the certificate represents lapses 12 months. on payment date. The gift card is personal and not transferable. Paid gift card with credit cards, apply a fee to PayPal, which marked the shipping and handling on your receipt. Booking a trip according to the gift card must be through www.helikopter.flights and can not be made by telephone. It must be confirmed by www.helikopter.flights with the date and time of the tour for the order to be valid. Helikopter Flights will as far as possible set up the trip to the desired date and time, but does emphasize that this can be changed at short notice to unforeseen circumstances by the operator flying the tour. Booking time for completion of the trip, requires that there is availability on the day. If ordering the completion date delayed until the last possible validity day for 12 months period, provides no compensation if the day is fully booked. Written order and execution of the tour gift certificate entitling them to, both must be within the validity.

The exception is if the helicopter operator considering weather or technical conditions on the helicopter so that no trip is possible to carry on the booked day. The Right the gift certificate represents, can in these two instances extended beyond the period of validity. However, only until the first possible moment after the original end of the period of validity. Helikopter Flights Ltd. determines alone the earliest possible point in this context. If it fails one of ordered tour, without having entered into a written agreement on rescheduling at least 1-one day in advance of the booked date, the rights which the certificate represents as consumed. There is no compensation.

The helicopters will take 3, 4 or 5 passengers, and tours can be requested booked for flying in daylight Saturdays between 12:00 and 4:00 p.m. If you have gift cards for 1 or 2 people,tours are flown when there are more who have booked the same trip so all seats are filled. Buyer of vouchers must make the recipient aware of the current conditions. Regarding legal right to reverse transaction. The purchase of a giftcertificate carried out by the purchaser is an independent unsolicited decision without first having been directly contacted by the seller by phone. The gift card is the customer’s proof of a right that the purchase date determines an agreement on a shuttle service by helicopter the first Sunday after the time of purchase or within a certain limited period with a time limit of 12 months from the same date of purchase. Buyer of gift certificate recognizing when purchasing these terms, and that true time of the helicopter transport gift certificate relates is not regarded as open or unspecified. The gift card is only valid for the person is registered and is thus personal and can not be sold to others. It follows the consumer reversal legislation (f. §19, and for new article of 06.20.2014), the purchase of gift cards helicopter is regarded as except from the law on withdrawal.