It is important for us to emphasize that it is customer’s responsibility to disclose passengers names and weights in writing. Same requirement for baggage size and weight . Both we and our collaborating, companies use various types of helicopters to adapt the mission for the best possible price for you. Then it is important to have all the information which may affect the weight condition.

The different types of helicopters have also placed limits on passengers. If no weight information is given and any passenger weighs more than 100kg, you carry yourself financial risk for not being able to fly. Weight also affects fuel calculations and time consumption. Check luggage space on helicopters also.You and your fellow passengers weight is very important for flight planning. The same applies to baggage size and weight. Be sure to check how much baggage you can bring. Helicopters have limited luggage space.

Is it not informed about passenger weight or baggage information in the order, is subject to additional charges for extended flight time if the condition results in indirect refueling. This because the total weight means reduced amount of fuel at departure so that replenishment must be done along the way.