Helicopter is a very expensive transport means and depends on to be in the air as much as possible when the weather permits. That means if you plan to hire helicopter to a destination and wait a while before flying back, you may be be charged for waiting time. Price is dependent on the type of helicopter. Please check with us before booking.

Helicoptertype 1-2 hours per.hour 2-6 hours per.hour 12 hours Overnight
Robinson 44 1.000,- 1100,- 7.000,- 10.000,-
EC 120 1.200 1.000,- 9.000,- 15.000,-
AS350 2.500,- 2.200.- 20.000,- 24.000,-

Alle prices are excl. VAT tax.
For missions with external sling load , round time for the helicopter is charged at the same rate . Calculated ground time is from landing on assignment place,  until helicopter takes off after completed works tasks.