Areas where helicopter is significantly best suited for aerial photography 

Below are some examples of areas where aerial photography can open new business for you as a photographer or for those who want aerial for themselves. Development projects, news , private property , commercial property etc.

Development projects

Follow up major project with regular aerial status images with high resolution images. Highly detailed pictures can give builders valuable input in development . Construction and development of roads, railways , power lines , dams, ski resorts , cottage field , housing estates , industrial plants.


As a journalist you are hunting for getting the first news item . In addition, you can easily get the right pictures with aerial photography . By example, accidents are often the place cordoned off a large area and adequate availability of good images may be difficult to obtain . Aerial ‘s the thing . Major accidents on road, rail and fires. Some sporting events Færder’n , Offshore 1 boat races , car rallies , pollution on land or in the sea are all examples of applications where aerial ensures the best results. For topquality filmproduction,  we can offer gyrostabilized camera riggs.

Private property

What about a aerial photo of the farm house, cabin in the mountains or by the sea , boat or caravan . With today’s technology , our subcontractors take stunning aerial images for you at a surprisingly low price. Please contact to see if we have your item in stock .

Commercial property

Aerial view of the commercial property is well suited for presentation on the company ‘s website. In this way you can with today’s digital technology showcase property whether for rent or sale in an attractive manner . High-resolution cameras and digital zoom technique can give you and your potential customers detailed overview only possible from the air with aerial photography.

Tourist Destinations

Winter and summer destinations are already sophisticated users of the Internet . An attractive presentation of the destination or product is directly measurable on guest numbers . Aerial view of the courses, resorts, hotels , campgrounds , tourist attractions, thumbnails larger tourist centers – all can benefit from aerial photography in its market strategy.


Does your company or business have a WEB page , and are interested in being one of our references ? Then we can in a short period offer you free aerial photos under certain conditions.