What are the Total costs on Helicopter Banner Advertising

The costs must be proportionate to what you get in. We have many pricing models and can put together a solution that suits you best. Traditionally you also pay for the production of the adverting media like the banner .Further you pay an hourly rate for the helicopter flown by the operator approved by the CAA . As an introductory offer on large contracts, we create advertising banner with as low as NOK 6.000,- ex tax,  to you. Other solutions may be combinations of hourly rate , the number of letters , commission sales , price for the number of hits on web – page dvertisement etc. The possibilities are many – call us and we will put together an offer on helicopter banner towong that suits you.

The helicopter flies slower with advertising tow than otherwise

When the helicopter pulls advertising tow flying, the speed is 70-95 km / h . Otherwise the speed about 200 km / h . If the helicopter can not land at destination , it must pull the banner from the base and back . It is not permitted with passengers in the helicopter during flight .

Helicopter Cost Banner Towing

Helicopter rent is priced per the hour. Clock starts from the rotor starts and stops when the rotor stops. This is calculated from the helicopter’s home base. The cheapest helicopters cost from NOK 7.000 , – to 8.000 , – pr. hour, while the most commonly used commercial helicopter in Norway cost approximately 15,000 , – pr. hour on this kind of mission . ( Excl. VAT)


Letter Banner / Advertising Sail

• Banner can be in letters form with up to 40 characters. The colors are red or blue . Letter height is 7 feet . Price ranges from 5.000 , – to 8.000 , – excluding VAT.
• Advertising billboards are manufactured abroad and costs from 25.000 , – excl. VAT and shipping . and up depending on size . Largest advertising billboard sold in Norway : 200 sqm.

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