What is fixed PRICE on Helicopter Rental

UNLIKE hourly rate where the final price is only an estimate, and based on how long time the helicopter consumes, The fixed price is simply FIXED PRICE ! periode.

Advanced software algorithms

Fixed price calculated in our Flight Generator with advanced algorithms where a variety of factors taken into account in each case. Hourly rate MAY be cheaper at 100 % ideal conditions with sunshine and nice weather , without height differences and standard weight of passengers. Or for cargo andn sling flights; Everything is packaged correctly , ground crews are experienced and the pilot is a  spesialist on cargo flights. But a single small deviation can result in substantial additional costs.


Fixed price is based on departure from the helicopter base and to the destination. Helicopter companies charge for the time machine is the air from the start until they stop. At fixed price helicopter rental price includes returning to the starting point . Furthermore, the weather must allow for direct route . The operators have many helicopter types with varying seating capacity and lifting ability. If you get quoted price each way , remember that you are responsible for payment of the helicopter both ways even if you get off at your destination . If however, there are passengers on return flight you can get a discount on the part of the costs. The general hourly rate of rent of helicopters through HeliWing and capacity of the various helicopter, depends on where in the country the mission is and what type of helicopter that is on the current base. Please note that short assignments in under an hour has a higher per minute rate than long-term projects .

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Helicopter charter Oslo Lom Good Weather

Perfect weather : Flight time   1:15 each way Oslo – Lom

Helicopter Taxi Route Oslo Lom Bad Weather

Bad weather :  Flight time 1:40 Each way Oslo – Lom

 Fixed price from our Flight Generator secures you against price variations of up to 50 %