How much does it cost to fly Helicopter

To give you a quick feedback as possible about what it costs to fly helicopter just where you’re going , you can use our FLIGHT GENERATOR ! You get price in under a minute . But you must know some details about what you want . This is input to the Flight Generator. Explanatory videos show you how. Once you have entered the information in Flight generator, you get price and helicopter type selected in under a minute . It’s completely free . You save lots of time . Remember that additional landings on the tour increases the cost price even if the landing is on the same route to fly to the destination on . Waiting on the ground, may cost extra .


From where will you fly a helicopter ?

You need accurate positional information . Look it up in Flight Generator . If at locations other than the helicopter base or public airport , we need to have email from the landowner on the spot that the landing is ok. In dens populated areas or outland in nature ( outfield ) , it is prohibited .

To where will you fly a helicopter ?

We need accurate positional information on where you will land . Find it in the same way as departure place. Is it not it the helicopter base or public airport , we need to have email from the landowner on the spot that the landing is ok . In des populated areas and undeveloped land ( outfield ) , it is prohibited .

How many are you who will fly a helicopter ?

Helicopter types will take 3, 4 , 5 or 6 passengers . They all have different price. Are you more than 6 , we need to use more helicopters simultaneously. Children who have not attained two years of age can sit on your lap . See helicopter types

Do you have baggage ?

Helicopters have limited space for luggage . The smallest helicopter with up to 3 passengers , can only accommodate a small bag under the seat. See helicopter types here . Ski and roll large excluded the smallest helicopter types.

When will you fly a helicopter ?

There ‘s a lot to keep track of and some book long in advance and others do not. Before we can confirm your reservation , we must have the date and time for the desired time.

Email , phone number and Landing Permission

Have you arranged got OK from whoever owns the land where you want us to land ? This is required in order to send a booking request . Helicopter need 20×20 meter flat area . At least 50 meters to the nearest vehicle or people. Contact data lire phone or email if we need to contact you.