Helicopter transport of cabin materials with external load, requires extensive experience


External load and helicopter transport with external load , requires different skills depending on the type of mission . From simple lifts of Glava insulation or bags with sand , to precision flying by mounting masts, traverses , elements or holding element walls and trusses still in the air while they are fixed . Operators who perform flight has expertise in load flights at all levels .

Pilot Skill level

Below are examples of helicopter transport and cargo flying missions types of increasing complexity and requirements for experience level. The table shows some common sling operation cargo flight operations , but that of course does not cover everything.

Helicopter Transport Sling Load Norway

A : Level 1 – Lowest Skill Requirement

  • Big Bag – Soil
  • Big Bag – Sand
  • Big Bag – Subbus
  • Pallet – Ready Lawn
  • Robust items secured om Pallet
  • Isolation material
  • Building material wooden planks etc.
  • Dry Concret

B : Level 2 – Pilot level 1 under supervision of Level 3 pilot

  • Logging – Timber logs from inaccessible areas
  • Building Material  – Precision placement
  • Cargo Net – fragile cargo
  • Pallets fragile cargo
  • Big Bags – fragile cargo

C : Level 3 – Requires extensive skills and experience

  • Concrete pin point delivery
  • Building material  – pinpoint delivery
  • Furnishing
  • Mounting of Mirrors, Reflectors , Antennas
  • Containers of Sophisticated communication equipment
  • Power line Posts in elements
  • Masts – mounting
  • Powerline cable mounting
  • Windows mounting
  • Mounting of trusses

What pays in Helicopter Cargo Sling Operation – hourly rate or fixed price ?

Pilot expertise in helicopter transport with external load is an important factor to be aware of for you as a customer . There is little to save a low hourly rate price if the experience level is low . With fixed price you eliminate this risk.